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P2P/OTC Services

We provide a fast and secure Person to Person service, where you can buy or sell USDT in minutes from the comfort of your home.

How does it work?

It is very simple, message us on Whatsapp by clicking here.


Purchasing USDT?


Let us know the amount of usdt you require.


We will provide you with our bank information.


Transfer the amount, send us your USDT (TRC20) Address and you will receive the USDT within minutes.

Selling USDT?


Let us know the amount of usdt you are selling.


We will provide you with our USDT (TRC20) address.


Send us your banking information, transfer the USDT, and you will receive the amount to your bank within minutes.

*You are also most welcome to visit us in our office to buy or sell USDT. We are located in Tecom, Dubai

Why Trust Us?

We have been a P2P service provider for over a year now and have since partnered with various exchanges like Binance, and huobi to be merchants working with them to provide this service on their platforms. With thousands of trades, millions of dollars in volume monthly, we are proud and confident to say, we are the best P2P provider in the UAE. Let us know if you have any questions.


Pay Crypto

Want to have your business accept Cryptocurrency as a payment method?  Let us be your guide.

Simply put. Crypto is the future, and its adoption is inevitable. We want to accelerate and smoothen the process. 

Why Accept Crypto as a payment method at your business?
  1. 0% fees.

  2. Instant receival of funds.

  3. Become among the first to accept crypto as a payment method.

  4. Appeal and reach to a wider audience in the UAE, especially tourists.

  5. One time set-up for an everlasting effect.

  6. Last but not least, Crypto is the future. Be ahead of everyone else.

How we can help

We cover it all for you. We will 

  1. Set up a unique cryptocurrency wallet for your business.

  2. Verify the wallet as a merchant wallet to ensure safe and secure customer transactions.

  3. Teach and educate your employees on how to use it.

  4. Be your on-call support for any questions/inquiries

  5. Market your business for you as a crypto pay verified merchant.

  6. Exchange all the Cryptocurrency you get from customers directly without hassle to AED.


Any questions you have, we can answer.

Pay Crypto


Want to advertise your crypto project and product to the right audience? We have them all in one place. Learn more


Having been working in the cryptocurrency field for 5 years, we have built a huge customer base. This is mainly through the services that we provide where we meet 5-10 affluent clients daily.


Over time, we have now built a customer base of over 5000 people mainly in the UAE some of which we helped build projects, products or learn about crypto and adopt it to invest in and use in their daily lives.


Although we are strict when it comes to our marketing service as we need to deeply vet the project and product before presenting it to our customers, the results we have achieved through marketing good projects previously were magnificent to both our clients and audience.


We have worked with multiple projects in the past including Kryxivia (KXA) which is a cryptogaming project (MMORPG), as well as BitEstate, which is a Real Estate company based in the UAE which started to accept crypto as a payment method to buy properties.


Let us help you get the exposure, leads, and results that you are looking for


Project Acceleration and Consultancy


Want to be listed on an exchange? Get well connected in the industry? Consult notable personnel in the crypto world about your project? We can help


Being in the field for over 5 years, working with exchanges like Binance, Huobi, and grandee individuals like EljaBoom, Tobais Graf, Frederick Marinho, and countless others have granted us a great diverse experience, and expertise in this field. 


We can help you get listed on exchanges, connect you with the right individuals, and projects that will lead to partnerships that will position your project to thrive and prosper. We can help accelerate your project to reach new heights. 

Project Acceleratin

NFT Services

Want to increase the uniqueness of your NFT collection? Need Professional hand painted artwork to bind it to? Need help deploying your NFTs on the blockchain? Learn more


Our background in art and technology has shown to be very beneficial when it comes to NFTs. We have worked with multiple NFT projects, Grandee individuals and brands to hand paint artwork for as well as help on the technical side to code and deploy smart contracts to mint the nft collection on the desired blockchain based on the requirement and needs of the project.


We have worked with Islamic Artwork brands, as well as brands into surreal and abstract art previously. And just recently, we exposed ourselves to NFT projects, and have since partnered with a few which resulted in their nft collections standing out, and being unique with perks and benefits that are not found in other collections.

If you want to know more about this, see some samples of our work, or have any questions, you are most welcome to visit us in our office at 208 Al Ameri Tower, Barsha Heights, Dubai  or contact us at +971544800085.

NFT Services
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