Crypto Pay

We enable the full operation of accepting cryptocurrency for businesses by setting up a fully verified wallet for them on the blockchain, training and educating their staff on how to use it, as well as exchanging their cryptocurrency to AED (dhs).

Why Accept Crypto as a payment method at your business?

  1. 0% fees.

  2. Instant receival of funds.

  3. Become among the first to accept crypto as a payment method.

  4. Appeal and reach to a wider audience in the UAE, especially tourists.

  5. One time set-up for an everlasting effect.

  6. Last but not least, Crypto is the future. Be ahead of everyone else.

How we can help?

  1. Set up a unique cryptocurrency wallet for your business.

  2. Verify the wallet as a merchant wallet to ensure safe and secure customer transactions.

  3. Teach and educate your employees on how to use it.

  4. Be your on-call support for any questions/inquiries

  5. Market your business for you as a crypto pay verified merchant.

  6. Exchange all the Cryptocurrency you get from customers directly without hassle to AED.

Any questions you have, we can answer.