OTC Crypto Exchange

Our company, located in the UAE, is a comprehensive cryptocurrency solutions provider that offers a swift and secure service for buying and selling USDT within minutes, enabling users to complete transactions quickly and with utmost security.

Crypto Pay

We help businesses adopt & accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. We enable the full operation of accepting cryptocurrency for businesses by setting up a fully verified wallet for them on the blockchain, training and educating their staff on how to use it, as well as exchanging their cryptocurrency to AED (dhs).

Crypto Marketing

Want to advertise your crypto project and product to the right audience? We have them all in one place. We promote Cryptocurrency projects, products and companies directly to the cryptocurrency community here in the UAE.

Real Estate Via Crypto

The commercial real estate industry represents a substantial share of the global economic assets and transactional activity.
At our company, we provide the means to purchase real estate properties in the UAE using cryptocurrencies, enabling investors to participate in this lucrative market through digital assets.